We provide a full range of on-site high voltage technical services including calibration, testing, commissioning and fault finding. We also have our own fully equipped ISO 9001:2015 service centre, including a HV facility for PD, Capacitance and TanDelta testing.


We specialise in the calibration of high voltage equipment and associated instruments. All calibration instruments are fully traceable to UKAS accredited sources or national labroratories such as RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). We understand that high voltage equipment is often heavy, permanently sited and difficult to move — therefore we are fully equipped to work on site so that equipment and instrumentation can remain in situ.

Services include:

  • AC — DC up to 400kV
  • VLF
  • Partial Discharge Detection
  • Capacitance and TanDelta Bridges
  • Standard Capacitors

Testing, Fault Location & Commissioning

Operating as a specialist sub-contractor, we provide technical HV services for all systems and voltage levels.

Services include:

  • AC testing up to 100kV (PD free)
  • DC testing up to 300kV
  • Long range TDR
  • Partial discharge testing
  • Capacitance and TanDelta testing up to 100kV
  • Cable fault location
  • Sheath testing
  • SCT36 Positive and Zero Sequence
  • SCT36 Cross Bonding Verification
  • SCT36 Conductor Resistance
  • SCT36 Earth Bonding System
  • SCT36 SVL
  • Power and energy metering

Product Support

We repair all types of high voltage equipment including old or obsolete instrumentation and equipment including replacement control systems. Our engineers have over 25 years of experience working in high voltage laboratories and test stations. Our range of portable equipment enables us to carry out services on site.

Book a Technical Service

To book on-site calibration, testing or other technical services please contact us.

Tel: +44 (0)1858 575 889
Email: info@highvoltagesystems.co.uk